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"Your power lies within you, Leela."
-Mountain Lion


Leela never wanted to be adopted by the wealthy Rumsford family whose spoiled children make her life miserable. She feels utterly alone until a messenger from her future appears.
Raven, the bringer of magic, leads her into a mysterious forest to meet Fox, guardian of the world between worlds. He warns her that the animals, forests and oceans are in great danger because humans have forgotten their place in the circle of life. 
But to fulfill the prophecy of the new earth, Leela must gather seven animal allies, shapeshift time and travel through a portal to receive the gift of far-seeing.
Can Leela face the dark forces that want to stop the new earth from rising? It's up to her to trust her heart and lead the way.

"I loved reading "Leela and the Forest of Light," a powerful and delightful story about an orphan girl who goes on a spiritual journey. It is filled with wonderful animals who speak; a gray wolf, a fox, a finch, an eagle, and many more, all of whom are messengers and protectors. The book is brimming with spiritual wisdom, made accessible for readers of any age. Just the act of reading this enlightening book is a healing experience. I am grateful to the author who wrote it and shared her vision so that we can all focus on creating a healthy and loving world for future generations."

-Victoria Kann, Author and Illustrator of the New York Times Bestselling Pinkalicious Book Series

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