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“We’re all equal. No one is greater or lesser than the other." 


Excerpts from the Story:

Leela grabbed hold of a chink in the wall 

to keep from falling into the darkness. 

“What should I do?" 

"Keep going forward," said a voice. 

“Keep going forward? I can't do that!" 

She flattened her body against the wall 

and backed away from the dark abyss. 

"Keep going forward," repeated the voice.

Inching closer to the edge, she called 

upon Gray Wolf. 

“How do I know this is the right path?”  

“You know it is. Feel it in your heart." 

“Don’t I have a choice?” 

“Leaders don’t choose their paths. Their 

paths choose them. It’s up to you 

to trust your heart and seize your destiny." 

Taking a deep breath to quell her fear, 

Leela jumped into the black void.

(Chapter 12,  Sacred Path Stone)

The wind started blowing fiercely. “Hold on Leela, we’re going north,” shouted the wind. Swept up into the fast-moving currents, she watched the land spin by in a kaleidoscope of blue, green and purple. “We’re here,” announced the wind, dropping her through the clouds. 

The sun was blazing in the blue sky, but she was cold. Freezing as a matter of fact. When her dizziness cleared, she saw why. She was lying on ice surrounded by the dark blue waters of the arctic. She turned around and looked up at an enormous white polar bear standing behind her.


(Chapter 22, Make It Green)

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