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Animal Wisdom

Updated: May 16, 2021

Leela's mother would take her into the forest to listen and feel the spirit of the animals, trees and rivers. She told Leela, “The animals are your allies and will teach you many things.” What secrets do the animals teach Leela? What secrets are the animals of the earth teaching us?

If a flock of Canada geese land near you, if a wolf keeps appearing in your dreams, or if you have a vision of wild horses racing across the plains, are you being offered a life lesson? A message just for you?

When we truly understand that we are part of nature, a part of everything around us, we enter the sacred space of 'belonging.' In that place of belonging, we feel at home in the world. The animals, trees, flowers, oceans and streams become our allies, our companions. And that loving relationship transforms the way we treat each other and the earth.

Leela and the Forest of Light weaves animal wisdom into the story. I also love Animal Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jami Sams and Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. Below are a few examples of animal teachings.

Animal Wisdom Teachings

Ant: Patience. Trust that you will receive what you need when the time is right.

Bear: Introspection. Dreamtime. Finding your sacred space. The power of silence.

Beaver: Building and teamwork.

Butterfly: The never ending cycle of self-transformation and change.

Canada Geese: The V shape indicates new directions, having an unobstructed view. Keeping your vision.

Coyote: Trickster. Being able to laugh at yourself.

Deer: Facing your fears with gentleness.

Eagle: Freedom and your higher mind.

Fox: The art of camouflage. Keen instincts. Adapting to changing situations.

Hawk: Messenger. Life is sending you a signal. Seeing from a higher view.

Heron: Experiment. Follow your own path. Stand on your own.

Horse: Discover your own sense of freedom and power. True wisdom comes from honoring the whole of life.

Hummingbird: Joy. Tasting the sweet nectar of life.

Mouse: Scrutiny. See the details, but also pay attention to the larger dance of life.

Otter: Play. Flow with the Universe.

Owl: Use your power of keen observation to know the truth of a situation.

Raven: The mystery and magic of life is offering you a gift.

Skunk: Reputation. Pay attention to what you put out and what you attract.

Snake: Shedding old thoughts, habits. Rebirth. The power of creation.

Spider: Creativity. Weaving the beautiful designs of life.

Squirrel: Gathering. Planning ahead, but only gathering and storing what you need.

Turkey: Giveaway. Sharing with others and sharing your gifts. Knowing that what you do to others you do to yourself.

Turtle: Connecting with Mother Earth and the Mother-Goddess within. Protection. Grounding.

Wolf: Pathfinder. Forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to share wisdom.

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