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The Children of Earth and Sky

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Leela and the Forest of Light is dedicated to the children of today and tomorrow. May their imaginations be as wide as the sky. May they wake each morning and greet the trees, oceans and animals with love. And may their hearts join to create a new vision for planet Earth.

A conversation between Leela and Fox:

“Fox!” she shouted, wrapping her arms around his neck as they tumbled off the rock into the scrub grass.

“Don’t think you can lose me, Leela. I’m your guardian while you’re in this forest.”

“Some guardian you are. Every time I turn around you’re gone just like every other creature I meet.”

Fox jumped off Leela. “You’ve never been alone for long. Even the trees are watching over you. Can’t you feel them, or have you forgotten how to listen? You have many allies here."

“Fox, tell me about the new earth. Why do we need a new earth? What’s wrong with the one we have? It’s beautiful!"

“It is beautiful. But the Earth Mother wants us to help her create a new earth so we can all live together peacefully like we are meant to.”

She heard the urgency in Fox’s voice and sat down next to him. “Can we really make this happen?”

“Yes. When things get out of balance, the children of earth and sky come forward to help the planet. You're a child of the new earth, Leela.”

Children around the world are coming forward with an urgency. They are speaking in clear voices to awaken us to the perils we face when we neglect and abuse the forests, rivers, oceans and animals that grace our planet. They are asking us to respect, protect and defend nature. To create a 'new earth.'

This fantasy adventure story weaves together Native American wisdom that connects us to nature in such a beautiful way. They honor all animals and feel each animal offers us a lesson. Hawk teaches Leela to see from a higher view. Mountain lion teaches her about leadership. The Tree Nation teaches her to stand tall in her own sacred space.

Leela and the Forest of Light is a message of love. A message of hope. The dolphins, polar bears, sea turtles, blue whales, chimpanzees, snow leopards, condors, snowy owls and elephants are calling to us. Mother Earth is calling to us. Are we listening?

Copyright © January 2021 by Lin Northrup

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